Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yankee Siege Wins Trebuchet Division for 2008 at the Punkin Chunk in Bridgeville, Delaware U.S.A.

Results of 3 day World Championship Punkin Chunkin Competition.

Yankee Siege results;

Friday 10/31/08 - 0 - Pumpkin Pie, pumpkin fell out of the sling.

During our free throw we tore out a hydraulic hose from hydraulic motor after the whole machine fell off our planks. We are in last place, some of the smaller trebs were bragging that they were beating Yankee Siege!

1st Place - Pumpkin Hammer - 1596.
2nd Place - Merlin - 1589.

Saturday 11/01/08 - New World Record throw - 1894 feet!

We made the decision to eliminate our new trough after another pumpkin fell out of the sling during our practice throws in the A.M. before competition. We feel that the pumpkin is contacting one edge of the trough and spinning out of the pouch!

Merlin bent their throwing arm and had to replace it with a spare arm that they brought with them.

Pumpkin Hammer added an undisclosed amount of weight to their counterweight. It looks like it helped.

2nd Place - Pumpkin Hammer - 1640
3rd Place - Merlin - 1564

Sunday 11/02/08 - New World Record throw - 1897 feet!

The 2 previous days had a slight headwind but today we had a strong tailwind in the A.M. that slightly calmed down by the time we fired in the afternoon.

2nd Place - Pumpkin Hammer (Welcome to the 1700 foot club) - 1700 feet!
3rd Place - Merlin (Highest shot of the trebuchet class) - 1260 feet!

Steve Seigars, YS

PS We promised the Trebuchet Widow (Kathy Seigars) that if we reached 2000 feet we would retire from competition!
See you next year at the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Competition.


Anonymous said...

Steve....Discovered your little kingdom and passion while on a Sunday "cruise" with my wife. Have enjoyed the updates and your sportsmanship. Congratulations on your recent success. May you reach the mark of 2000+ next year. Best wishes to you and your family. Dick Shannon

john said...

Congratulations Team Yankee Siege. My wife and I saw your demonstration tosses during Columbus Day weekend this year. We come to Greenfield each Columbus Day to be part of "Family Day" at the Crotched Mountain School. I've been telling all my friends about seeing the Trebuchet and have been building a small one out of PVC pipe. Hopefully, I'll be tossing snowballs with mine soon. See you in the spring.