Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 Trip to Punkin Chunkin!

It is now 6:45PM on Tuesday 10/28/08, do you know where your tractor-trailor carrying your trebuchet is?

Yes, it's in New York state somewhere broken down (broken alternator belt)!
Trying to find a replacement at AutoZone!!!

Do you know how dry your field is at Punkin Chunkin?

Yes, ours is very wet and they do not know if we can go onto the site tomorrow at 10:30AM when the crane arrives (First State Crane Service)!

Today, Tuesday, has been very windy, following a very substantial amount of rain on Monday night and early Tuesday AM. Hopefully the wind will help to dry up the site so we can setup on Wednesday! Pray for no rain, how often do you hear a farmer saying that!

News Alert!!! Tuesday 10/28/08 7:18PM - Our tractor trailer carrying trebuchet is now back on the road and heading for Bridgeville, DE!

Note to our Yankee Farmer Customers, Thank you for our most successful season at the farm stand! Without you we could not attend the annual Punkin Chunkin competition in Bridgeville, DE. Hopefully we will bring back a trophy to Greenfield, NH.


terri said...

Glad to see you had a great second day!

Bruce and Linda said...

Way to go!!!!
Congrats to the crew!!

terri said...


Anonymous said...

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