Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27, 2013

We're BACK. Only 4 days to the big event. All packed up and ready to make the trip to Delaware tomorrow. Leaving at 7 AM, hope to be at the hotel in Seaford by 5 PM.

We grew an acre of Estrellas this year. Good crop. Plenty of ammo.

Practice sessions have gone well. (No breakage)! Last year we broke 3 carbon fiber throwing arms. We have switched to an all aluminum arm with cable stays all the way to the top. This has given us very consistent throws. We added 3,000 pounds to the counterweight to bring the total to 21,000 pounds to compensate for the heavier arm.

Last year we had trouble with a stainless steel ring on a stainless finger, which lead to (cold welding) of the ring to the finger resulting in inconsistent late releases. I have switched to a bronze ring on a hardened steel finger. (Very predictable throws). The finger is now fully adjustable. I took a week long course at M.I.T. on TRIBOLOGY (the science of lubrication, friction and wear). I highly recommend this course (got some good ideas on release mechanisms).

Hope to break the half mile barrier this year in competition. Our practice throws have all been around one half mile (some well over but it doesn't count until November 1st, 2nd and 3rd).

Best of luck to EACH AND EVERY TEAM. Lets break a half mile this year! See you at the chunk.

Steve Seigars, Yankee Siege II

P.S. Developing a Higgs Boson Accumulator. Should be functional at this year's chunk.