Monday, November 11, 2013

Yankee Siege II Breaks 1/2 Mile!

Saturday November 2, 2013 - In a quantum leap forward, Yankee Siege II, threw 2,835 feet, smashing the 1/2 mile mark and beating their own world record set on Friday. The wind in Bridgeville at Wheatley Farms was dead calm at 9 AM, when the machine rocketed a 10 lb pumpkin between 2 RV campers. There were near perfect conditions for setting a new world record. We were asked politely not to take another shot for fear of actually hitting a camper. It was the right call(safety trumps all). We would have been allowed another shot if we could point our machine away from the campers. We did not have enough space to reorient the machine without crowding out our neighbors(Pumpkin Hammer and NASAW). We opted not to take the last throw, hoping no other machine would throw further.

In the end, Yankee Siege II took 1st place (2835), American Chucker, 2nd place (2254) First In Fright, 3rd place (2181).

This was an amazing year for the Treb division! Five machines (Yankee Siege, American Chucker, First In Fright, Launch-Ness Monster and Pumpkin Hammer) threw over 2,000 feet!

I remember our first year in competition (2004), the world record then was 1150 feet set by Chris Gerow with the classic King Arthur. We have all come a long way! At this pace, by next year, we should be over 3000 feet! The Treb division has lagged behind the other divisions in the past few years. There is no reason, from a physics point of view, way a treb can't throw as far as a catapult or centrifugal. Our only disadvantage is that we are using the weakest force in nature (gravity is many orders of magnitude weaker than the electro-magnetic force which is the force that all the other divisions ultimately use). We merely have to find a way to overcome the weak gravitational force with smart design and more mass (PS, Yankee Siege is the most inefficient machine in the whole treb division). Not something to necessarily to brag about but it gets the job done.

Punkin Chunkin doesn't measure efficiency only distance. As everybody in the division knows, as scale goes up efficiency goes down. Big machines are inherently inefficient.

Speaking of efficient machines, I was particularly impressed with the efficiency of American Chucker and First In Fright. Both relatively small machines that pack a punch!

Launch-Ness Monster surprised everyone this year with their 2142 foot shot. Jay made a minor adjustment to his machine with marvelous results. Great job fellow New Hampshire team. We have 3 treb's from NH, Yankee Siege, Launch-Ness Monster and Tired Iron. Chuck Willard, of Tired Iron has made steady progress increasing his distance each year with 1892 feet this year.

Pumpkin Hammer with their 62 foot monster of a machine is my real fear! They have the scale and efficient design to throw, in my opinion, well over 3000 feet. When Rich and his team workout their minor bugs, Watch Out! Size matters. Size and efficiency really matter. 2014 should be very interesting.

Yankee Siege's goal in 2014 is to challenge the torsion division with another quantum leap. New parts are being machined as we speak!

Steve Seigars, YS


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Anonymous said...

Great Job Steve I wish the Pumpkins still flew in Nh.
we used to watch all day long on a nice Saturday or Sunday