Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yankee Siege Update October 20, 2009

Yankee Siege is back in operation! The throwing arm axle bearings have been replaced with new and beefier bearings. We were able to get new bearings from in Nashua, NH. The new bearings were not the same dimensions as the old bearings and required some reworking of the supports and the throwing arm. Thanks to team members and ace mechanics Chuck Willard and Ken Holland, they made short work of the job and were able to get Yankee Siege fixed without missing a single weekend of demos at the farmstand. Also, thanks to my wife Kathleen for not murdering me after picking up the bearings and finding out the cost.

The four new pillow-block bearings are performing flawlessly and are holding the axle firmly in position with no slipping or axial movement of the towers. We now have six massive bearings supporting the 4" diameter solid steel axle!

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