Friday, November 2, 2007

Day Three

Thursday November 1, 2007 (team member Valerie B-day) Practice day

First two shots fell out of the pouch. And the controversial 1st successful practice shot was thought by the forward observers who didn't see the pumkin but heard it land at 2k plus! We switched to a more encompassing pouch and and tried some 1/8th wire cable and had moderate shots at the 15 to 1600 range. The last shot of the day was very high (highest ever from YS). Our good friends Pumkin Hammer and The Magic of Merlin arrived. Pumkin Hammer got off two shots and had one slip off the sling. Merlin arrived late and didn't get off a shot before dark.

Weather was warm and very little wind! Field is beginning to dry out although our two left wheels are slowly sinking into the soil. Bridgeville had several days of rain prior to our arrival. We will shore up the left side of the treb and wheels early Friday a.m.

Friday November 2, 2007 (Day one of competition)!
Very windy day, hurricane Noel off the coast. Strong north west winds!
Yankee Siege was the first of the trebs to throw! We decided to use a lower tragectory because of the strong head wind.
Good shot hooked strongly to the left at 1658 feet. Happy with the shot considering the windy conditions. Pumpin Hammer was next at 700 plus and Merlin 800 plus. Artemis threw 4th.

Costa Mantis has been filming about 20 teams for the past year and has hired a high speed camera crew that will give slow motion view of the machines at 1000 frames p/second. Can't wait to see the slow motion video of what's going on and can not be seen by the human eye of shot one!

A special thank you to Pumkin Hammer for their trebuchet running scoreboard. They have great team spirit and always think of the trebuchet division as a whole. I think the scoreboard is a great idea and it helps clear up some of the confusion during the pumkin chunkin competition. Also, thank Pumkin Hammer for always making reservations for Saturday night dinner at Big Fish.

Wishing everybody luck for day two!


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Benjamin said...

Great going guys if merlin cant catch up in the netx two days we have it once again. keep all of us stuck up here in New Hampshire posted. -Ben